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How Do Online Physical Therapy Telehealth Treatments Work?

Telehealth physical therapy online is not only possible, it is also an effective form of online telemedicine treatments that can help you reduce pain or recover from injury at home. Especially during this time of social distancing due to COVID-19, you can contact our experienced online physical therapists to learn the most-important stretches, exercises, and self treatment techniques to increase mobility, decrease pain, and keep you living the active lifestyle you desire.

In our “Tele-Physio” virtual physical therapy office, we will personally guide you through a full evaluation to determine exactly what is causing your pain or limitations. We will teach a customized home PT treatment program to address everything found in our evaluation.

Our first tele-health patients have been amazed by their positive results and our ability to get rid of pain and limitations even though the treatment doesn’t take place in a clinic. Our online telehealth services are effective if you live alone, with roommates, or a partner.

Dealing With Pain Or Injury During Social Distancing?



M.D. (Emergency Medicine in Austin, Texas)

I have been getting amazing results since I have been coming to see Jarod in Austin. So naturally, I was disappointed when in-person visits were no longer an option during corona virus “social distancing”.

If I’m honest, at first I was a bit skeptical about how physical therapy would translate to an online telehealth platform. However, as a practitioner of telemedicine myself, I decided to give it a go.

The online PT platform was easy to navigate, the appointment was easy to set up, and the video quality/sound quality was good. But more importantly, the results I got from the online physical therapy sessions were amazing!

It was hard to believe I could inflict the same level of pain on myself that Jarod normally does on me :-), but after the first session, I had much more range of motion, less pain, and was feeling great! I highly recommend Carter Physiotherapy’s online treatments because they still deliver results!

Beth Williams

Beth Williams,

I didn’t know what to expect from a Telehealth PT session, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective my session was. My therapist gave very clear directions and led me through movements for him to watch to determine the source of my persistent foot pain. By doing movements for him in front of the video, he could determine where the tightness was, and gave a thorough program to address the issue. He explained these things clearly in the session, but also recorded small videos as he was explaining them to drop into my recommendations list for reference in the future. The recommendations/resources provided after the session exceeded expectations. My therapist was organized, utilized every second of the session, and is truly skillful. My foot feels better already in doing my prescribed program. He is honest and recommended we meet again in two weeks, not weekly because he did not feel it was needed. I would highly encourage anyone who is on the fence to give a Telehealth session a try. Well worth my time and money! THANK YOU Carter Physiotherapy!

Michael Williams

Michael Williams,

I had a great Telehealth session with my therapist at Carter Physiotherapy.

I have an old elbow injury and they were able to design a daily program for me to rehabilitate. He had me demonstrate my flexibility in different ways for his diagnostics, then he demonstrated the exercises and gave feedback when I performed them. My pain dropped after that first session and I’m seeing daily progress!

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