Patient Education


After working for years to become a family practice physician, Dr. Philip Oubre found himself working with Austin-area patients who were highly focused on topics like food allergies, vitamins, and other alternative interventions. With his conventional medical training up to that point, these things were not on his radar as being highly important, but over time, he began to see clinically measurable effects from pursuing these and other approaches as interventions for almost all chronic health issues. This piqued his curiosity and eventually led him to a specialty in Functional Medicine.

Through Dr. Oubre’s focus on Functional Medicine, he has become an expert and highly successful clinician in reversing a wide array of highly debilitating and deadly chronic diseases and syndromes.

In This Episode, We Chat About:

  • The top 2 conditions considered “irreversible” by conventional medicine that can be completely resolved with Functional Medicine approaches.
  • Why a functional approach targets the root cause of a condition rather than the obvious symptoms.
  • The reasons the full treatment protocol must be customized for each patient.
  • Four types of toxic exposure that can be underlying many health conditions.
  • Why heavy metal toxicity must be conclusively diagnosed before attempting treatment.
  • The 5-R approach to healing from any chronic health condition.
  • The easiest way to determine if you have any food sensitivities.
  • How becoming “body aware” can give you the motivation you need to make big dietary changes.
  • Two inexpensive lab tests that can reveal if you’re headed for major problems later on.
  • Why Covid-19 is dramatically more dangerous for certain individuals.
  • Recommended supplements to help bolster immune function.
  • When is the best time to take your supplements.
  • Why it’s critical to limit “recreational” foods when you’re training for intense athletics.
  • How to integrate an effective fast into your regimen.


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