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Last Saturday, I had the privilege of working with the RunTex ATX TRAINING group. I wanted to help these runners with information about injury prevention that can help them as they work toward their inspiring goals. More specifically, I taught about hip muscle weaknesses that are predisposing factors to many back, hip, and knee injuries I treat in my Austin-area physiotherapy clinic. We covered:

  1. How specific Hip muscle weakness can lead to different types of injuries
  2. How anyone can test themselves to see if they have these issues
  3. Some simple exercises that can be done to strengthen the muscles and avoid injury

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Running Injury Prevention

(Please excuse the sound quality/background noises) Click Here to see the presentation handout referred to in the videos.  It includes some images and tips for the tests and exercises taught in the presentation. And here is Part 2 of the presentation, in which I opened it up to questions from the group…

My hope in posting these videos is that any ATX TRAINING members who missed the presentation can still benefit from the information and avoid injury as you work toward your goals. This information is certainly relevant to anyone who walks or runs for exercise, so all who find themselves at this page should feel free to enjoy the videos/handout and leave any questions you have in the comments below or contact me directly.

If you are not part of this program and have a goal of losing 20, 50, or 100lbs, I highly encourage you to get involved with RunTex ATX TRAINING. It’s an inspiring and motivating group making amazing changes in their lives and their community.

Editor’s Note 1-16-13:
This article in Runner’s World recently came out and references a study that published after my presentation at Runtex. As you’ll see, the study confirms exactly what I described as hip weakness leading to knee problems.

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