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So are you planning on “getting back in shape” this year? Every January, gyms, running trails, and “boot camps” see a flood of new people who don’t exercise regularly. And some portion of those people end up in our Austin-area physiotherapy practice with a painful injury. So we decided to share about injury prevention, so you can keep pain from becoming your reason to quit exercising.

If you are already dealing with an injury that’s keeping you from enjoying the active life you deserve, call or text us at (512) 693-8849 to find out how we can get you back in action!

The good news is that many exercise-related injuries can be avoided if the predisposing factors are identified and resolved beforehand. For this reason, here’s a short video to help you do a quick “screen” your movements to identify the potential for injury.

Conduct An Injury Prevention Self-Assessment Before You Start A New Exercise Regimen

This short self-evaluation will not identify every possible exercise-related injury predisposition. That would require an incredibly long video. It does cover some of the most common things that bring people into my clinic (that can be identified with a self-evaluation). It will take you less than 10 minutes to complete and could save you months of pain and missed workouts.

If this self-screen reveals any injuries waiting to happen, contact our Austin-area physical therapy clinic. We can resolve it before it becomes a big issue.

If you found this article and aren’t in the Austin area, see a good Physical Therapist in your area and make sure you stay active.

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