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From Corporate Misery To Growing A Fitness Community In Austin: Talking Nutrition, “Healthy” Alcoholic Drinks, And Earning Your Shower With Jess Martin

Founder of the hugely popular Stronghorn Fitness, Jess Martin shares a ton of useful advice and stories in this episode of Carter Physiotherapy’s Active Austin Podcast. We chat about everything from growing a fitness community in Austin to the nutrition and workouts that keep him looking the way he does … including his favorite “least un-healthy” social beverage.


In This Interview, Jess Martin Discusses These Topics Related To Health And His Fitness Community:

  • How his fast business growth was almost too fast for it’s own good
  • Expanding from humble beginnings (4 people in their first camp!) to 9 trainers, 6 locations, 2 fitness centers downtown, yoga, run groups, etc.
  • Why they continue to offer more classes and fitness options all the time, at one price
  • How they coordinate and partner with In Sweat We Trust to provide events, races, fundraising, and community building
  • His favorite fitness contests and activities that he’s done
  • The diabolical Kettlebell Burpee Hell (1.0, 2.0, and 3.0)
  • Which diet he prefers to keep the body running optimally
  • Why he focuses on coaching, motivation, and form during classes and boot camps instead of working out himself
  • What he does to stay fit and feel his best
  • An approach for drinking socially to “drink healthy”
  • His biggest tip to get (and stay) on track to be healthy
  • How he works with exercise newbies
  • What he means when he says, “Earn your shower.”

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