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AC Joint Separation – Pain Free In 10 Minutes With Manual Therapy In Austin

Many doctors and physical therapists claim there’s not much you can do for an AC joint separation. Others believe strengthening the shoulder and perhaps surgery could remove your pain. However, both of these assumptions are unfortunately a common misconception. As you’ll see in the video below, hands-on manual therapy techniques can get rid of AC joint pain. In addition, they can improve shoulder mobility limitations caused by this injury quite quickly.

If you’ve had an AC injury or strain that is still bothering you, call or text us at (512) 693-8849. We can schedule a free on-site consultation with one of our physical therapy experts.

AC Joint Separation Pain Relief Technique

To find out if our Austin-area physical therapy clinic might be able to get you the same great results Max experienced in the video, click here to request a call with one of the expert physical therapists at Carter PT.

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