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Pam LeBlanc Of The Austin American-Statesman – On 14 Years Of Covering Fitness, Health, And Adventure In And Around Austin

Pam LeBlanc is quite literally the perfect guest for this podcast because no individual has come even close to producing the amount of content, stories, and experiences she has on fitness, health, and adventure in and around Austin.

After shuffling around to different newspapers in Texas, she ended up at the Austin American-Statesman in 1998. After 6 years, she pitched a regular fitness column to her bosses. They were skeptical but gave her a 6-month window to prove there were enough stories to keep it going. However, the Fit City column was a hit. Moreover, even 14 years later, Pam is still writing fitness and lifestyle articles and inspiring thousands of Austinites to stay active and healthy with all our city has to offer!

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In This Episode, Pam LeBlanc And I Chat About These Fitness-Related Topics:

  • “Hammack camping”–One of her most recent research trips
  • Some of her favorite experiences in 14 years of covering activities, fitness, and health in Austin.
  • How she chooses readers to take part in certain experiences with her
  • Why she loved a 15 day hiking trip on the John Muir trail–despite some serious challenges
  • Her favorite back-packing trails and swimming holes in Central Texas
  • Some of the most unique activities she’s done and reported on
  • How one of her columns lead to a…significant…purchase
  • What she means by “Get your hair wet!” and “pocket adventures”
  • Why she bikes to work every day
  • Her favorite stories to write
  • The importance of accountability partners (or pets!)
  • Why she talks about fitness like something she loves and not as a “work out”
  • What she has coming up in her year of adventure!

Resources And Activities Mentioned In The Show:

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